1. Make it Personal.  What does providing medical and dental care for those in need mean to you?  How does this brigade play into your career/life goals?  Make sure that your friends and family know why this trip is exciting for you!
  2. Use Social Networking.  Facebook, LinkedIn, and other online networking tools can help you get the word out.
  3. Offer Something in Return.  Promise that if donors pledge $x, you will bring back a souvenir from Honduras!  You can also offer to give your time in return for a donation- babysit, help with chores, yardwork, etc.
  4. Accept Donations as an Alternative.  Ask that friends and family donate rather than giving you a gift for birthdays, holidays, etc.
  5. Contact people directly.  Most people respond better to direct, personal communication than mass mailings.  This option is a bit more time consuming, and not all volunteers are as comfortable with this method, but friends and family will appreciate the personal touch.  Advocate strongly for your cause, but be understanding if a person cannot contribute.
Group members, please feel free to add your own suggestions!

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