• The fundraising event will be on Sunday, April 18th from 8-12am in Berkeley at Blake's on Telegraph.  Tickets will be $15 before the event and $20 the day of.  We have yet to decide if we will be charging to take place in the Karaoke part of the event.
  • Fundraising Information:
1) Ticket Distribution for Bar Event: Tickets were distributed at the meeting. If you have not done so already, you should make arrangements with Maria (see below for instructions) to pick up your tickets. Please note that the tickets are numbered and you are responsible for handing in the money and/or numbered tickets that are leftover.
2) Ticket Minimum: Each member is required to sell 10 tickets. After selling 10 tickets, your grants fee of $75.00 will be waived. IN ADDITION, for any amount of tickets you sell above the 10, all of the proceeds will go towards your $100 pharmacy meds contribution!!!!
3) Marketing for Event: Please announce the event to your classes and bring your tickets to sell them in class (this will help towards your minimum). We will be posting a spreadsheet on google docs and you can go online and plug-in the details about the courses you are taking and making announcements. This will help others who are not currently taking classes make announcements in classes that have no representation, making them able to reach their minimum. We will also be posting on google docs a flyer to post in your class buildings or email out to friends/family and quarter sheets for you to cut and distribute during your announcements to help you advertise. 
4) Additional fundraising: An idea was proposed to compile a World Music CD which would require people to either submit their own original works (songs, spoken word, etc) or works from others we know and sell the CD as another way of raising money for this trip and future trips. This would be an ongoing fundraiser. Since Alana and husband have volunteered to produce the CD, we would simple need to cover the minimal costs and submit the material and sell the CDs. WE NEED TO KNOW: how many people are able to submit material and/or know others who can and are willing? Also, are you willing to sell the CDs once they are produced??? We need to know this before going forward with this idea.  
  • Any responses/questions/concerns about the fundraising points mentioned above, please email Trina ([email protected]). If you simply need to get your tickets and have not made alt. arrangements, please contact Maria.  She is available to distribute tickets in the mornings to anyone who did not pick them up or who need more to sell. She can deliver to it anywhere you are in the bay area.  Please call or text her at 510-691-2500 to give her your info and she'll take the tickets to you.
  • A version of the flyer is attached to this email and is good for posting on bulletin boards, etc. Of course it is up to everyone how they may want to print (can print 2 on one page for example and hand out half pages), but we are also creating a basic small handout (sans graphics) as well that contains all the necessary details as well.
  • We still need more raffle prizes so please try to find donations for the event from any connections you have.  Ex. Dinner certificates, discounts, buy one get one free, etc.  We might be able to make a shout out at the event for the company's.  This is good for newer companies trying to get their name out and might help them to donate some things.
  • Medication collection
    • Bring in used ink and toner cartridges: we can recycle those and get $$ toward the purchase office supply type items.
    • You can opt-out by pitching in $100 (by check, payable to Berkeley Medical Brigades).  It would be appreciated if anyone who will be going this route pay sooner rather than later, so that we can go ahead and get those purchases underway.
    • For anyone who has not started, do so right away!  April is right around the corner!
    • Another reminder: supply and most medication donations are considered "in-kind" donations and are tax deductible.  Form for doing this is on website under Member resources---> pharmacy
    • If you unknowingly receive expired meds, please turn them in in a separate bag/box/whatever clearly labeled "expired".  We can donate them elsewhere.
  • IMPORTANT DATES:   March 28th: Ticket sales due for first 5 tickets!!! Also, next meeting for GMB.
  •  April 14th: Ticket sales due for 10 tickets!!!!
  • April 5th: full payment on airfare
  • April 29th: all program fees due
  • Next meeting: 3/28
    1. Bring $$$ from 1st 5 tickets for Blake's
    2. Bring 2 copies of passport photo page (and Honduran visa, if applicable)
    3. Bring proof of immunization
    4. Bring medications
    5. Location for next meeting is the same as last.  If you are facing the Bear Cafe go to the right door on the second story.  It should be open.  The meeting room is 242 Cesar E. Chavez Student Learning Center.  If you have any problems finding the room or getting in please call me on my cell phone: (650)-580-3624
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