Hi everyone,

So Minutes from last meeting:

  • Please bring in all documentation (passports and immunization records)!!!! I need them by Wednesday, April 7th, 2010.
  • Complete airfare due (~$664): Monday, April 5th, 2010.
  • If you have not gotten your HepA or HepB vaccinations yet, go to Berkeley Free Clinic on Saturdays from 3-5pm.  All information regarding vaccinations are online at www.berkeleypostbacsgmb.weebly.com.  Look on there to see areas that offer vaccinations near you. Also, remember to bring in documentation to me at the next meeting.
  • Good news: We have 12 people signed up for Public Health Brigades, therefore this is now a go.
  • Correction: 10 day Public Health Brigade is only $950, not $1050 as thought before, this does not include the ~$664 airfare.
  • Tell pharmacies and doctor's offices that they are eligible for $250 tax deductions for giving us medical supplies or other goods needed for the trip.
  • Please remember to fill out everything on the online medication inventory form. We need to keep track so we don't get too much of one item. Thank you!
  • Bring all medication in to meetings!!!
  • For out of country donations, there is a PayPal account that can be used. No tax deductions are allowed for this account and make sure to add your name so that the donation goes to you. Look up information on our group website (indicated on the first bullet point above). Follow instructions there.
  • To help personal fundraising, consider writing a personal email to people who might donate (friends, family, coworkers, etc) and offering incentives (such as Honduran coffee, souveniers, etc.).  This might give people the extra push to donate to your cause!
  • If you get a pharmacy, doctor's office, work, church, etc. to donate to Berkeley Medical Brigades group, 10% of the donation will go to your own personal fund for the trip. The check should be payable to: Berkeley Medical Brigades.
  • The Fundraising Bar Night will be April 18th at 8pm. Please remember to invite and tell all of your friends!!!! Everyone will have to sell 10 tickets, probably priced around $10-15. Kareoki will be provided. Tickets will be given out at the next meeting so please think about who to invite.
  • When in Honduras, remember to be culturally sensitive and be appropriate when taking photos.  All privacy issues in US hospitals and care facilities should be observed there also. Thank you for cooperating.
  • Anyone who has yet to give their $100 deposit needs to do it BY March 7th, 2010.
  • Next meeting: March 14th 3PM, location TBA.
See you next meeting,
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