Hello Everyone!

We are less than 2 months away from Honduras! For those of you that missed the meeting or came late, please read this email because it outlines an exciting change to our brigade! Although the excitement and anticipation for all of us is building, so too are our responsibilities and duties. Please keep in mind the key dates outlined at the end of the email. 

Also, we are still in need of health professionals. If you have any friends/family that might know anyone that would be interested, please let us know! The fundraising group even thought up with some ideas that could possibly subsidize a part of their trip as an incentive. 

Below are important notes that review the topics covered last Sunday. 

1. New Brigades Model
The exciting news is that GMB is implementing a new brigades model for our trip! This new model will allow us to stay within one Honduran community, unlike the past when the group would move to a new one everyday. One benefit of this change is that we well be able to exert all of our time and care to one community. We will also have an extra day that we can dedicate to our liking! Some ideas we mentioned at the meeting included having a cultural-exchange day, a tourist-day, and an additional medical/public health day.

2. Fundraising:
Our group fundraising event is still confirmed at Blake’s on Telegraph in Berkeley on Dec. 5. We have 2 bands, a DJ and karaoke machine/system scheduled for the event! 

We handed out tickets for the event at the last meeting, so please contact Rommel or I if you still need a set. These tickets are valued at $15 a piece and will go directly towards our trips medications.  Any brigader who sells 10 tickets prior to the event will not need to pay the $75 grant fee into our medication fund.  Money from ticket sales and/or unsold tickets are due at the Dec 5th meeting

Each ticketholder will get a free raffle ticket, and additional tickets will be available for purchase or in exchange for medication/supply donations (ie a box of band-aids or a bottle of vitamins).  Lastly, Blake’s will be having drink specials! Although the event is for the sake of our trip, let’s remember to relax and have some fun. 

As far as personal fundraising, Ashley informed us of company matching incentives that many businesses have. Check with your employer to see whether or not they have a program or check in with Trina if you have questions.  We can also accept matching donations from other donors' companies.  Please pursue this right away, as we can only apply matching gifts that are received prior to payment deadlines towards your trip.  A link to a database of companies that offer matching gift programs and other useful fundraising links can be found here:https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1FsMZeSWKWh2wseddnPfwg0U0nfZ6qdl0wgdwUeW5mEM 

We still have a promotional deal with See’s that can help personal fundraising. If you are interested in selling See’s candy(not limited to a single bar) that has return value, please take a look at the attached flier.  You can print this to collect orders or obtain fliers and collection envelopes from Ashley in Berkeley or at the next meeting.  Checks for orders should be made out to "Berkeley Medical Brigades".  Order forms and money are due Dec 1st.

Forms and documents pertaining to monetary donations can be found on our website (http://berkeleypostbaccsgmb.weebly.com/). 

 3. Medication Collection
Hopefully you are all having luck with the medication/medical supply donations. Please keep in mind that all donations should be collected by Dec. 5, the weekend of our fundraiser. If you need more information about the kinds of medications and supplies we need, please visit our website and check out the Member Sources tab. You can find two forms on that page with detailed information regarding what we need. You all should have also received an email regarding your collections and how to submit information about them.


4. Reminders/Due dates:

Nov. 17 – GMB Fundraising Webinar

Nov. 21 – Next Group Meeting (noon@Mills)

Nov. 29 – Airfare due  ($760)

Dec 1- See's fundraiser due

Dec. 5 – Meeting # 5; Medication (collection/$100) + Grant Fee ($75) due

If you have questions about any of the above, or about anything else pertaining the trip, please feel free to contact me anytime. 


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