1. Honduras Overview
Here are some resources for information about Honduras:http://www.destination360.com/central-america/honduras/historyhttp://www.everyculture.com/Ge-It/Honduras.htmlSome things to consider when researching are climate, diet and health-related conditions in Honduras. Planning ahead for the trip will ensure a smooth transition and pleasant experience once abroad. In addition, please keep in mind the cultural differences between the US and Honduras. More details about preparing for the trip will be discussed as January approaches. 

2. Fundraising
Our group fundraising event will be held on Sunday, Dec. 5 at Blakes on Telegraph. We are planning on having a DJ or live band perform, as well as other activities such as karaoke. Please start spreading word of this event. If you sell at least 10 tickets we will waive your $75 grant fee! All of the remaining proceeds will be used for the groups’ medications/supplies. Also, we will be accepting medically-related donations such as OTC's and band aids at the door for a free raffle ticket!

If you have not started your own personal fundraising, please begin ASAP. At Sunday’s meeting, we discussed selling See’s candy bars and emailing friends/family.  Each case contains 24 chocolate bars and costs $21.   Suggested retail value is $2/bar, so you stand to make $27/case.  If you did not sign up for the See's fundraiser at the meeting, e-mail [email protected] by Sunday and include the number of cases of candy bars you wish to purchase.  You will be asked to pay for the candy bars up front, but all proceeds are yours to put towards your trip!

If you have any suggestions regarding personal fundraising, please feel free to share your ideas with fellow members or at the next meeting.

Lastly, you may decide not to participate with the group fundraiser as long as you pay your portion of the grant fee.

3. Medication Collection

All of the personal medication collections are due Dec. 5. A comprehensive list of medications needed for the trip can be found on the right side of our Member Resources page (http://berkeleypostbaccsgmb.weebly.com/member-resources.html). In addition to the medications, please consider gathering other medical supplies for the trip listed on the Meds Flier, also listed on our Member Resources page. Because collecting medications can take a long time, begin asking for donations soon. You may also opt-out of collecting medications by providing $100 towards the groups fund. 

Each brigader will provide 2 large suitcases to fill with medications and supplies. Each suitcase will weigh up to 50 pounds. Some great resources to find free suitcases are www.freecycle.org and www.craigslist.org. These bags will bear some physical duress during the trip so please keep this in mind if you choose to use your own.  Health Professionals and additional brigaders needed!We only have until Monday to secure seats on our flight, so if you know a health professional or anyone else who is interested please have them contact us ASAP!  Also, volunteers do not need to be students to join... anyone who is looking for an awesome experience in Honduras is welcome to join!!! CarpoolingSince a number of our brigaders commute, we have created a section of the website where you can get in touch with each other to find carpoolers! http://berkeleypostbaccsgmb.weebly.com/forum.html#/

Reminders & Due Dates:

- Email me a copy of your passport picture or bring 2 photo copies to the next meeting

- Check out our website for updates, news and schedule information 

Oct. 25 - $235 Flight deposit due (your fundraising account should have a total of $235)

Nov. 7 - GMB meeting @ Mills College

Nov. 21 - GMB meeting @ Mills College

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