Ex-President of Honduras Manuel Zelaya went into exile today, perhaps signaling the end of the turmoil that has surrounded his ousting and re-entry into the country.  Since many of our families and friends will have questions about safety in Honduras, volunteers are encouraged to keep up with current events.  Below are links to BBC's coverage of today's development, as well as some background information.

"Honduras ex-leader Manuel Zelaya heads into exile"

BBC "Q&A: Honduran Crisis"

We are recruiting more volunteers for the May 2010 Brigade!

Information Session:
Sunday, January 31st @3pm
206 Dwinelle, UC Berkeley Campus

Please RSVP to [email protected]

GMB Info Session
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  • If you would like to go on the May brigade but have not applied yet, we still have space, especially on the 10-day Medical/Public Health brigade.  Application is available at:  http://spreadsheets.google.com/a/globalbrigades.org/viewform?hl=en&formkey=dDYwaTVFaE5uQUNfcG94R0NmRzQ1VkE6MA
  • Also, sign up sheet was passed around to decide which group you will be a part of: 1)Grants Group 2) Fundraising Group 3) Pharmacy Group.  If not in a group yet, please sign up ASAP.
  • For next meeting, please bring in 2 copies of your passport picture page.  Also, please bring in photocopies of your immunization records for the following vaccinations: Typhoid, HepA, HepB, Tetanus, Malaria (Look up traveling clinics from your county online to receive vaccinations).
  • If you do not have a US Passport, you will need to apply for a Visa to go to Honduras. Look up this information online!!!
  • Medical Professionals are required to turn in: 2 copies of passport picture page, photocopies of medical license and diploma, and vaccination records.
  • $150 deposit is due by February 10th, 2010.  Airline costs of $666.44 will be due by April 5th, 2010.
  • In country costs for 7-day Medical Brigade is $750 and for the 10-day Medical Brigade is $1050.
  • Donations up to $250 are tax-deductable.
  • Donations made on your website are nonrefundable, with the possibility of transferring in-country costs for one year after initial scheduled brigade.
  • Open up your Global Medical Brigade website ASAP. If your website is not up by 1/31 we will assume you are not going!!!!
  • We still need Medical Professionals!!! Please use your personal networks to recruit Nurse Practitioners, Doctors, Nurses that speak Spanish, and Dentists.
  • We will have a quick recruitment to increase the number of people for the 10-day Medical Brigade. Please make announcements in classes or to your friends to recruit people for the 10-day Public Health Brigade. We will hold another information meeting TBA.
  • Remember to use goodsearch.com and goodshop.com to help us earn money. Use it yourself and tell your social networks to use it as well. You can select our group (listed under University of California Berkeley - Postbaccs Medical Brigades) and get Yahoo! search results while generating a small but steady source of income for our club.
  • Start collecting medications. Don't forget to bring the form available to prove we are a legitimate organization. Also, use your personal networking!!! People give to people not causes!
  • Darren will be making an inventory sheet for medications and kits we have acquired. Please keep checking it to make sure we have an even amount of certain types of medication.
  • We cannot transport expired medication or anything with pseudoephedrine in it!!!! Please keep this in mind when asking for medications.
  • There are 4 forms online you can print to carry with you when asking people for help (Letter to Pharmacies, Letter to Doctors, Packing List, etc.)
  • You will need 2 suitcases to carry medical supplies with you to Honduras. They must weigh a maximum of 50 lbs. Keep in mind, these should be old suitcases since they will most likely be left in Honduras and get dirty throughout the trip. Try craigslist.com or freecycle (Yahoo groups).
  • Fundraising ideas so far: T-shirt logos, Pizza cards, Guest Bartending, Raffle, Safeway/WholeFoods Donations. Keep thinking of ideas!!!
  • Overall, we would like to raise around $3000-$4000 for the group to pay for Grant/Medication Costs for the group.
  • Don't forget to also get donations for small toys, clothes, hygiene products (toothbrushes/toothpaste, etc.), stickers, etc.
  • Our next meeting will be February 14th at 2:00pm. Location TBA!!!